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The Dancing Doula Podcast

Sep 11, 2020

Welcome to the Dancing Doula Podcast, where we dive in to candid conversations about birth and feminism. For this very first episode, I want to give you all a taste of who I am and why I am so interested in speaking about these topics. In this episode I discuss:

• Growing up in a small town vs. living in a city

• Being raised Catholic and discovering that I don't share my family's spiritual views

• Being a dancer and what that has meant for me over the years

• Becoming a mom and becoming a doula

• Going through hard but transformational years

As mentioned in this episode, I have an online community on Patreon where like-minded people can dive deeper into the topics discussed. Expect in-depth group discussions, behind-the-scenes footage from my interviews, tutorials, online classes, and more! You can subscribe using the link on my website home page:

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